About me

At the age of 25 I decided to build a canoe out of cedar wood – these days then I worked in an office. This was a kind of awakening moment for me, which became a major turning point in my life. My passion for the most natural material of all had started: wood!

I had always been fascinated by the sound of string instruments in particular – and suddenly my newly acquired “woodworking” skill had awakened the idea of ​​combining both!

I spontaneously applied to the instrument making school in Mittenwald, was actually accepted immediately – and graduated three years later as the best of my year. In 2017 I passed my master’s examination and became a member of the examination committee of the guild for plucked instrument makers. In the same year, the international guitar building competition “Concurso international de construction de guitarras Antonio Marin Montero” took place in Granada, in which I participated with great enthusiasm – and promptly took second place.

Festival de la Guitarra de Granada 2017

Festival de la Guitarra de Granada 2017 – Impressionen

As i were the only woman taking part i had been viewed with skepticism by many other participants and even jurors when it startetd but afterwards, however, all reservations were removed and my guitar was soon “in everyone’s hands”.

here for example in Pepe Romero’s hands

Exhilarated by this success, I opened my own workshop the following year (2018) and have been building my own guitars with great passion and attention to detail ever since.
It is probably due to chance that my family has owned an old windmill in the Andalusian nature reserve Cabo de Gata, located near the provincial capital Almeria, for a long time.
The great guitar maker Don Antonio de Torres lived and worked in a suburb – La Canada de San Urbano – in his so-called second creative period.This master of art inspires me in my daily work especially through the almost (in-)comprehensible perfection of his work.

the family’s mill