Handcrafted guitars require the highest levels of precision and craftsmanship, years of experience and “soul” in order to sound perfect!

I am mainly concentrated on the construction of concert guitars and striving to implement the traditional Spanish construction as perfectly as possible.

guitars in creation process

My sure instinct, trained through many years of experience, helps me – in addition to use common measuring tools – in the selection of the different woods that are essential for the creation of a guitar and its later sound.

I only use wood of excellent quality which has been stored for many years.

I manufacture your guitar especially according to your wishes, regarding the scale length and the neck width and adapt it to you. In order to make a guitar sound optimally, optimal conditions are required – and I want to create these.

To get an impression of my creations take a look at them at Guitar Salon International.

solely i am using shellac/french polish for the finish

Before – or alternatively – you can make an appointment with me in my workshop to play one of my currently existing guitars. Of course i am happy to answer any questions you may have (about guitars). Do not hesitate – I am looking forward to meet you!